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Just like a birthday candle!

Well Supergirl is certainly a better firefighter than her cousin.

Well done, Supergirl. You are quickly gaining a reputation for being a useful Super Dictionary hero! I’m proud of you.

(Supergirl Costume Tally: We’ll keep it at 11, since we’ve seen the collar before.)


And on that surprisingly productive note, we conclude today’s edition of The Super Dictionary. Come back another day for Kara proving her superiority over Clark again and again!

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So many questions…

…so few answers.

Okay. So Superman poses a very good question, but then he goes off on a major tangent. But there are several more pressing questions that need to be addressed here:

  1. Why is Superman gabbing away to Lois when that building is clearly still on fire.
  2. What woman???
  3. Lois, what are you doing in the way at an active crime scene/fire? Not behind a barricade. Just in the way.
  4. Lois, why do you think that your job would fire you for finding out that this is not only an arson case, but also an attempted murder with a shooter apparently on the loose? That doesn’t seem like the sort of thing a newspaper would fire you for.

I’m pretty glad not to have you guarding my city against mass arson cases, Superman. Because you are apparently terrible at it.

Wilson Forbes sticks with it to the finish!

Wilson Forbes — CRACK REPORTER — is at it again! Working hard to report the news, no matter how mundane.

Though I like to think that because this is so vague, the “game” he was covering was a chess match between Superman and Batman. (Obviously, Batman won.)

Super Dictionary, forced perspective is really not your forte.


One of the parts of his hand? Not even, “one of the long parts of his hand”? I mean, for all I know, you could be talking about Green Lantern’s knuckles! Or his fingernails.

Lucky for you, Super Dictionary, that we know what you meant.

And yeah, I guess Hal wears one ring. Except when this happened:


Then he had nine rings! That seems excessive.

Don’t even ask me what’s going on with Hal’s arm muscles. His deltoid and bicep/tricep region appear to be made out of hotdogs covered in black spandex. I didn’t even know there were that many muscles in the forearm.

(Gif credit to themaskedman)

Monday, February 17, 2014

Quite a fine job, Selina. Especially in those heels.

You know. I was going to make fun of this with references to other Selina definitions, and also wondering why on earth Selina is in a circus, when they’ve got a real live circus boy in their definitions.

But then I found the definition for circus. Where Selina is a confirmed performer. With her cats.

It is Super Dictionary canon, apparently! I guess her circus obsession explains why she’s always featured with tigers, at least.


With that, we conclude today’s edition of The Super Dictionary! Come again for more baffling stretches of the average comic book fan’s imagination!

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Losers weepers!

Conjura looks a little taken aback by this request. Kind of like, “That’s what you called me here for? I was in the middle of something.” Maybe if your money was so important, you shouldn’t have been so careless with it, huh guy?

Good to know that she has better morals than a jerk ten-year-old, though.

Once again, The Super Dictionary demonstrates its shaky grasp on perspective and the concept of foreground/background. That building appears to only exist in the space between Conjura and that guy, and also has some major structural problems judging from the angle. And I don’t know where any of these people are standing, because it looks like they might all be floating on different planes of reality.

El Dragón continues to be super efficient.

El Dragón refuses to leave any loose ends to his cases.

New year — new start.

As it should be.

I’m proud of you, El Dragón. You continue to be the most effective hero in this book.

This is an EMERGENCY.

They really like putting Lois in water-related situations.


I wonder what circumstances Lois was stuck in that she had to fill a glass with water, and then give it to her friend. Mysteries that The Super Dictionary will never solve.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ah! So that’s why Hawkgirl focuses on her math so much.

Well of course! Her interest in math suddenly makes sense — her secret foe — GEOMETRY.

Shapes everywhere, at every turn — at every corner. NO PLACE IS SAFE.


And with that brave stand against squares, triangles, circles, and other fearsome figures, we conclude today’s page of The Super Dictionary. Tune in next time for more suspicious looking rectangles. Remember: Only Hawkgirl can keep us safe.

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Those don’t look like “boys” to me.

They look like pretty manly men having a pretty serious brawl. I’m not even sure what’s happening. They may or may not be giants, judging from Firehair’s placement in the foreground.

I will give you some kudos, Super Dictionary. You may recklessly endanger children through some definitions, but at least you don’t condone violence.

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